Welcome to Insurance Quotes 4 You, we do not give you insurance quotes in 30 seconds.  Our agents and affiliates take the time to correctly profile your home and provide you an accurate quote.   In most cases you will have your quote within 1 hour.  Sometimes our representatives may need additional information after they have profiled your home.  They will attempt to email you or call you if they need additional information.

Florida has many carriers that provide homeowners insurance.  Each carrier has their own underwriting guidelines based on their market direction.  Some carriers will write a home with a flat roof over living area, some will not.  Some carriers will write homes directly on the ocean while some will not.  Many carriers will not write homes that are more than 50 years old while others will consider with an acceptable 4 point inspection.

It is almost impossible for a website to offer you an accurate quote in 30 seconds when the site does not have your windstorm mitigation inspection and 4 point inspection if applicable.  Almost everyone in Florida is now educated with the Florida Windstorm Mitigation program that has existed for over 10 years.  Basically Florida Insurance carriers are required to give the consumer a discount on their homeowners insurance when the home has certain windstorm mitigation features.  An approved inspection company must go to the consumer’s home and verify the different mitigation features with approved photos.

Once you have completed the above homeowner’s questionnaire, a representative will profile your home.   Typically the representative will view your home on a satellite view such as Bing Maps or Google Maps so they can become familiar with the quality grade and building characteristics of your home.  They will evaluate the questions you answered and then select which carriers guidelines are a good fit for your home based on the carrier’s requirements. Our site has the ability to quote the majority of the Florida Homeowners carriers thru our affiliation with multiple agents.  Our representatives will quote your home thru a rating system that most the Florida insurance carriers participate with.  This gives you the best chance to get the best price.  Keep in mind that the windstorm mitigation inspection has a large impact on the final price of your policy.  Our representatives can often determine what a good part of your credits will be based on the age of the house, the year you last updated your roof (if applicable), whether you indicated if your house has shutters or wind impact windows and doors on all your openings.  But the price can only be validated with an acceptable windstorm mitigation inspection.  Older homes are more difficult to price without the windstorm mitigation in hand.   This is because it is difficult to determine if your home has toe nails, clips or single wraps as the roof to wall attachment for the home.    Building techniques were different for the older homes.    But some builders started using safer bui8lding techniques sooner than others.  The state of Florida created a uniform building code for all of Florida in 2002.  The mitigation inspection can be confusing to consumers.  Our representatives are well trained with mitigation inspections and the different features that qualify you for a discount.   In fact, sometimes our representatives will be able to identify certain features you may not have and can be simply corrected.  Sometimes your home may be a good candidate for a retrofit.  This involves having a licensed contractor making some changes to certain mitigation features.  While there is cost involved with a retrofit, you typically can pay for the retrofit with saved premiums over 2 years.  This is a good example of our representatives giving you value that can help you save lots of money over a long period of time if you intend to live in your house for many years.

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