The Importance of Having the Right amount of Boat Insurance in Florida

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When you live in Florida and you own a boat there are many things to consider including getting the right amount of boat insurance. It’s definitely enjoyable to own a boat for the occasional excursion down to Miami or various parts of Broward County’s Intracoastal. It’s nice to take the boat out on the water to one of the many waterfront restaurants throughout the area. Keep in mind though that you are required to carry a certain amount of Florida boat insurance. When you call InsuranceQuotes4You you will get an accurate insurance quote for your boat. We will help you find the right insurance for your needs.

Boat insurance is a must when you own a boat in Miami or Broward County. Your insurance will vary based on the type of boat you own. One thing to consider when you own a boat in Miami or Broward County is the weather. Hurricane season lasts several months and we do get a hurricane from time to time. You want to make sure your boat is insured for times like this.

Get a Boat Insurance Quote Today from InsuranceQuotes4You

  • Save money-we may be able to help you save money on your boat insurance. We will go over all of the details with you including what you’re required to carry and what you may want to carry because you live in Miami or Broward County.
  • Size and type of boat-your boat insurance will depend on the size and type of boat you own as well. You should always take this into consideration when you purchase a boat. We can help you figure out the best insurance for your particular type of boat or yacht.
  • Deductible-you will need to consider how high you want your deductible to be.This will depend on your needs and your finances. InsuranceQuotes4You has qualified insurance brokers to help you figure out what will work for your particular needs.

Owning a boat or yacht in Miami or Broward County is ideal especially when you have the right amount of insurance coverage, so that you don’t have to worry about accidents. Contact InsuranceQuotes4You today to get a boat insurance quote.


InsuranceQuotes4YouThe Importance of Having the Right amount of Boat Insurance in Florida
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Why You Should Get a Boat Insurance Quote Today

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InsuranceQuotes4You makes it easy to get a boat insurance quote for Miami and Broward County. Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and sunny days. There is nothing more relaxing or enjoyable than owning your own boat. All you have to do is pack up a bit of food, a few drinks some sun tan lotion and you’re off for a day in the sun.

Along with the fun of being on the water comes responsibility, which is why it’s important to get boat insurance before you hit the water. When you own a boat in Miami or Broward County you need to consider safety and some of the possible issues. The key is protecting yourself from what could happen to you, your passengers and your boat with boat insurance. As long as you have the proper amount of boat insurance in Miami you won’t need to worry. You can go out on the water for hours without worrying about anything beyond the blue water and having fun with your family and friends.

In Florida you are required to carry a certain amount of boat insurance. Here at InsuranceQuotes4You we will answer all of your questions and give you an accurate quote on your boat as early as today.

3 Reasons You Should Get a Boat Insurance Quote

  1. You are required by law to carry boat insurance in Miami and Broward County-this is the main reason most people get boat insurance but you should also consider liability and the investment aspect of your boat.
  2. Boat insurance basics-when it comes to the basic amount of boat insurance you need it’s very similar to car insurance. You need liability in case someone gets hurt, you have the choice between replacement cost or cash value in total loss, property damage, physical damage and more. You can also purchase comprehensive damage for theft.
  3. Emergencies-when you have boat insurance you generally have towing within the policy. Always make sure that this is the case. If you’re out on the water in Miami and you need emergency rescue it’s nice to know that you are covered.

When you purchase a boat you know it’s going to be a positive and exciting experience but you always want to be prepared for the unexpected things that sometimes happen in life. Contact InsuranceQuotes4You today to get an insurance quote on your boat. We will work with you on getting a boat quote that fits your budget and your needs.


InsuranceQuotes4YouWhy You Should Get a Boat Insurance Quote Today
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Get a RV Insurance Quote Today from InsuranceQuotes4You

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You need insurance for all types of vehicles including Recreational Vehicles (RV’s). The sooner you get a quote from InsuranceQuotes4You the better. Find out about the various types of RV insurance that are available in Miami and Broward County, Florida.

When it comes to RV’s there are many types and sizes to choose from. Insurance will vary depending on the type of RV you own. You will find various types of RV’s in Miami and Broward County.

Types of RV’s  

  • Class A RV’s-these RV’s include luxury coach, motor coach and converted buses.
  • Class B RV’s-these RV’s tend to be a bit smaller without a cab-over. They are the cargo van, travel trailers, and camper vans.
  • Class C RV’s-these RV’s include the standard cargo van. This class also covers the fifth wheel vehicles.

What You Need to Know about RV Insurance in Miami and Broward County

  • The type of RV-keep in mind that your Florida RV insurance will vary depending on the type of RV you own.
  • How often you drive-your insurance will also vary based on how often you use your RV.

How Much RV Insurance Do I Need in Florida?

  • You must carry $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP)-this pays for any injuries that take place during an accident. You will be covered for 80 percent of your medical expenses and 60 percent of lost wages as well as up to $5,000 worth of death benefits.
  • You will also need to carry $10,000 worth of property damage liability-this covers damages to your RV, personal property, homes etc.

Owning a RV can be an adventure. You can travel all over the country meeting new people and experiencing new things. Keep in mind that you should be covered for any possible mishaps on the road. We will help you choose the right insurance for your needs. Contact InsuranceQuotes4You today to get a RV insurance quote.


InsuranceQuotes4YouGet a RV Insurance Quote Today from InsuranceQuotes4You
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Get an Insurance Quote on Your Commercial RV Today

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Many people purchase RV’s for commercial use. If you own a RV in Miami or Broward County and you’re using this vehicle for commercial purposes you need to be aware of the required and recommended insurance. At InsuranceQuotes4You we will explain the specifics of what type of coverage you need and give you an accurate quote.

People use RV’s for commercial use in many ways such as musical bands going from one location to another, lodging for a business trip, traveling to a business meeting, holding a business meeting, taking clients to sporting events and much more. One thing to keep in mind is that there are quite a few drivers in Miami and Broward County without insurance, which means it’s a good idea to make sure you are fully covered.

Commercial Insurance Coverage Requirements for RV’s

What is required?

  1. Personal injury insurance (PIP) $10,000- PIP pays for the first $10,000 in medical bills after a car accident. PIP pays 80 percent of your medical bills, 60 percent of your lost wages, and a death benefit up to $5,000.
  2. Property damage liability up to 10,000-liability insurance pays for up to $10,000 of damage that you cause with your commercial RV.

How to Save Money on Your Commercial RV Insurance

  • Credit history-your credit scores and payment history will either increase or decrease your insurance premiums. The better your credit scores are the less you will end up paying for your RV insurance.
  • Higher deductible-your deductible has a significant effect on your insurance premium as well. The higher your deductible the less you will pay for your RV insurance.
  • Driving history-your driving history for the past 3-5 years will help determine how much your RV insurance premium will be.

There are other factors that go into your commercial RV insurance payments such as age, how often you use the RV and more. You should also consider getting more than the required amount of commercial RV insurance. You may want to be covered for uninsured motorists, collisions, car rentals and more. At InsuranceQuotes4You we can help you determine how much insurance coverage is right for you and your RV. Contact us today for more information and a quote.


InsuranceQuotes4YouGet an Insurance Quote on Your Commercial RV Today
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Why It’s Important to Get a Health Insurance Quote from InsuranceQuotes4You

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You never know when you might find yourself suffering from something as minor as an eye infection or as serious as cancer, which is why it’s important to get a health insurance quote today. The last thing you want is to find yourself in the middle of a health crises without the proper amount of health insurance. Medical care can be very expensive and when it comes to health most people end up with a medical issue at some point.

There are other things to consider when it comes to getting a health insurance quote such as the fact that health insurance is required today. If you aren’t covered you will be financially penalized at the end of the year.

3 Reasons You Should Get a Health Insurance Quote Today

  1. Health insurance is required by law-starting in 2014 the Affordable Care Act has required everyone to carry health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance you will be fined at the end of the year. In 2015 the fine rose to 2% of your yearly income. The positive side of this is that you will have health coverage in case something does happen such as an unexpected appendicitis.
  2. Peace of mind-when you have health insurance you know that you are covered in case something happens to you or your family. You don’t have to worry about what might happen especially when you have children.
  3. Employers are required to offer health insurance-if you work for a company with more than 50 employees and you’re a full-time employee your employer is required by law to offer you health insurance. This law was put in place in 2015. In some cases you may be required to pay part of the monthly premium but it will be much lower than if you paid for the health insurance yourself.

If you live in Miami or Broward County you needs health insurance. You may get a cold, sinus infection or break a bone and need immediate assistance. When you have health insurance you know you can go to a doctor or hospital and get proper medical treatment when you need it. You will also be covered 100 percent for wellness exams by most health insurance policies. If you would like a health insurance quote contact InsuranceQuotes4You today.


InsuranceQuotes4YouWhy It’s Important to Get a Health Insurance Quote from InsuranceQuotes4You
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The Benefits of Having Health Insurance

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If you don’t already have insurance, today is the perfect time to get a health insurance quote for Miami or Broward County. You may be one of the many people who go through life thinking I’m never going to get sick. This is especially true if you are young. If only this were true. Most people do come across a health issue at some point. This is why having health insurance is so important. If you’re healthy you still need health insurance for the unexpected things that can happen like a bad infection from a cold.

Health insurance is also important to help prevent health issues. When you go the doctor for your annual exam you get your blood work done and other routine tests that could find something. Many medical issues are easily treatable when you find them early. Your blood pressure may be a bit too high or you may be on the borderline for diabetes. When it comes to some of these health issues a change in lifestyle and diet can take care of them before you need medication. These changes are fairly easy to make when you live in Miami or Broward County, Florida. You may find that you have something more serious though. If this is the case you can start treatment as soon as possible, which will significantly increase your chance of a full recovery. This is why it is so important to get a health insurance quote for Miami or Broward County, Florida. This way you can see the various plans available.

Why Health Insurance is So Important and You Should Get a Health Insurance Quote Today

  1. Preventative care-under the Affordable Care Act there is preventative care available for women, men and children. Annual exams fall under preventative care for everyone but many blood tests, diagnostic tests and other types of tests fall under preventative as well.
  2. Medications-many health insurance plans cover a good portion of medication costs. They generally don’t pay the full cost but in some cases they pay a good portion. This can be a great savings for many people who take more than one medication a day.
  3. Emergencies-it’s very important to plan for the unexpected. You may never need health insurance for more than preventative exams but you should always have it just in case you do get sick.

When it comes to finding the right health insurance in Miami or Broward County, it will take a bit of thought and research but once you have the right plan you will feel at ease. You won’t have to worry about accidents or an unexpected illness. To find out more contact InsuranceQuotes4You today to get a health insurance quote.


InsuranceQuotes4YouThe Benefits of Having Health Insurance
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What You Need to Know When Purchasing Homeowners’ Insurance in Florida

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Homeowners in Florida are required to purchase property insurance in order to protect their homes in case of damage. When trying to find the right Florida homeowners insurance rates for your home, you need to be able to understand the questions your agent is asking you, and you need to be able to give them accurate information in return. Truly understanding the questions that your property insurance agent is asking will help you find the right homeowners’ insurance policy for you and your family.

What type of residence do you own?

The type of homeowners’ insurance policy you need depends on the type of property you own. There are different coverage limits and types of policies depending on the type of residence you own. These type of residences can include:

  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Houses
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Rental Properties

Make sure you know exactly what type of home you own when speaking to your insurance agent, as each of these types of properties have specific policy requirements.

Where is your home located?

The amount of risk associated with your home depends on where your home is located. The riskier the location, the more your homeowners’ insurance is going to cost. The first risk factor for a home would be the area’s history of floods and severe weather, which are unfortunately very common in Florida. Florida Insurance agents will also look at historical data from the area to determine crime rate patterns. If you understand the risk surrounding the area you are looking to live in, you will have a better understanding about how affordable your insurance rates will be.

How old is your home?

Luckily, it’s not too hard to determine the age of your home in Florida, and you don’t have to worry as much about potential age related structural problems. Older homes typically cost more than newer homes to insure because of all the issues that can remain hidden in an older home until it’s too late. Make sure you provide the exact year that your home was built so you can get the most affordable homeowners’ insurance rate.

What materials were used to build your home?

The materials that your home was built with will greatly affect how affordable your property insurance plan is. Homes made of wood are extremely susceptible to wind and fire damage. Luckily, most new homes in Florida are made of concrete, which will add strength and stability to your home, along with the added benefit of keeping your homeowners’ insurance rates lower.

The more information you have available for your Florida property insurance quote agent, the more likely you are to get quality, affordable homeowner’s insurance coverage in Florida. Be sure to obtain a number of different homeowners’ insurance quotes before selecting your policy!



InsuranceQuotes4YouWhat You Need to Know When Purchasing Homeowners’ Insurance in Florida
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What is a wind mitigation inspection and why is it important?

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A wind mitigation inspection is a specific type of inspection designed to help insurance companies identify if a home has features needed to increase the probability it will be able to withstand the damages normally caused by high winds. Since areas of Florida are known to have the highest risk of damage caused be hurricanes and/or other wind storms, it also has been known to have some of the highest insurance premiums. All insurance carriers in Florida provide a discount on wind portion of the insurance for properties that have proper documentation proving the home has one or more of the wind mitigation features. The wind mitigation inspection provides the documents needed to apply for these discounts. The areas that inspectors will look at when inspecting the home are listed below:

  • Proof of the roof age
  • Roof to wall connections
  • Roof to deck attachment
  • Roof shape
  • Secondary water resistance
  • Opening protection

In some cases, the inspection may reveal that the home could benefit from a retrofit. The simple way to define a retrofit would be when the retrofit company physically adds nails, clips and/or straps to a roof to wall connection (the point where the individual trusses sit on the top plate of the walls in the attic). What determines which fasteners are used depends on what the home currently has for connectors. Some properties have a clips or straps already, but are only receiving toe nail credit on their wind mitigation, because the existing clips or straps are lacking the minimal nailing requirements. Some properties don’t have any clips or straps in which case they can be added. Most of the time the companies are able to perform a retrofit from the attic; however in some cases they cannot, due to the roof pitch, or other obstructions, they might have to remove the soffit (which could be stucco, wood, vinyl or aluminum soffit). After soffits are removed the retrofit work can be completed from the outside of the home then the soffits are re-installed or replaced. For more information on retrofitting, please contact Florida Retrofits at 877-659-8354 or online at




InsuranceQuotes4YouWhat is a wind mitigation inspection and why is it important?
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The Importance of Having Auto Insurance

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Every time you step into your vehicle you expose yourself to the risks that come with driving. There are the unavoidable hazards such road conditions and weather, along with the more unpredictable hazards of the other vehicles (and their drivers) that you share the road with.
Although there are potential risks every time you step into your vehicle, there are certain things you can do to avoid exposing yourself to road hazards. You can stay inside when the weather is bad, especially during major weather events such as hurricanes and floods. You can also avoid driving on streets that you know are littered with potholes and other damage. Unfortunately, we can’t plan for the frequent, sudden storms that seem to appear out of nowhere in Florida, and we definitely can’t be prepared for the actions of other drivers. Because of these unavoidable risks, Florida requires all residents to have an auto insurance plan to make sure that both the driver and the vehicle are protected in case your car is damaged due to an accident or other events.
Florida requires all residents and their vehicles to maintain a certain minimum level of auto insurance. Every vehicle must be registered and insured at all times, even if you are just a seasonal resident. If you fail to keep your vehicle insured and registered, your insurance agency will report that lapse in coverage to the state. This failure will result in fines and having your driving privileges revoked until your insurance is reinstated.

Minimum auto insurance requirements in Florida

The State of Florida has minimum liability coverage requirements that must be in place at all times for each driver and vehicle registered in Florida. The two types of Florida liability coverage requirements are personal injury and property damage coverage. The minimum coverage for both personal injury protection and property damage protection is $10,000. Florida also requires that each policy holder carries bodily injury liability in the amount of $125,000, damage liability in the amount of $250,000, and property damage coverage in the amount of $50,000. When choosing how much insurance coverage you would like to have, you should also take into account that Florida is a no fault state, which means that no matter who is at fault in an accident, your insurance provider will be the one paying for any damages to your vehicle up to your policy limits.

Understanding Florida’s auto insurance requirements is the first step in figuring out what auto insurance policy is right for you and your vehicle. Be sure to speak with an insurance agent whom can help you find an appropriate auto insurance policy that fits your needs, while also making sure that policy falls into the state’s minimum requirements.

InsuranceQuotes4YouThe Importance of Having Auto Insurance
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