What is a wind mitigation inspection and why is it important?

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A wind mitigation inspection is a specific type of inspection designed to help insurance companies identify if a home has features needed to increase the probability it will be able to withstand the damages normally caused by high winds. Since areas of Florida are known to have the highest risk of damage caused be hurricanes and/or other wind storms, it also has been known to have some of the highest insurance premiums. All insurance carriers in Florida provide a discount on wind portion of the insurance for properties that have proper documentation proving the home has one or more of the wind mitigation features. The wind mitigation inspection provides the documents needed to apply for these discounts. The areas that inspectors will look at when inspecting the home are listed below:

  • Proof of the roof age
  • Roof to wall connections
  • Roof to deck attachment
  • Roof shape
  • Secondary water resistance
  • Opening protection

In some cases, the inspection may reveal that the home could benefit from a retrofit. The simple way to define a retrofit would be when the retrofit company physically adds nails, clips and/or straps to a roof to wall connection (the point where the individual trusses sit on the top plate of the walls in the attic). What determines which fasteners are used depends on what the home currently has for connectors. Some properties have a clips or straps already, but are only receiving toe nail credit on their wind mitigation, because the existing clips or straps are lacking the minimal nailing requirements. Some properties don’t have any clips or straps in which case they can be added. Most of the time the companies are able to perform a retrofit from the attic; however in some cases they cannot, due to the roof pitch, or other obstructions, they might have to remove the soffit (which could be stucco, wood, vinyl or aluminum soffit). After soffits are removed the retrofit work can be completed from the outside of the home then the soffits are re-installed or replaced. For more information on retrofitting, please contact Florida Retrofits at 877-659-8354 or online at www.floridaretrofits.com.




InsuranceQuotes4YouWhat is a wind mitigation inspection and why is it important?

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